Here are a few videos that you might like to use to trigger a discussion amongst young people and youth leaders. Some have been viewed millions of times online and you may have seen them already, others are a little more under the radar. If you’ve watched anything interesting or inspirational recently then please send us the link.

Social Media version of the Prodigal Son:

Murderer discovers love in ‘What Makes Us Human’:

Louie Giglio’s mash-up of stars and whales (powerful & amazing!)

Steve Morris ‘Let Them Run’ – worth sticking with this one:

Falling Plates:

Why I hate religion but love Jesus:

Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’:

Lifehouse ‘Everything’ Skit, millions of views on YouTube:

‘That’s my King’ – Dr SM Lockridge:

This is discipleship

Trailer for  ‘What’s in the Bible’ – fun but maybe better for younger age groups

A whole series of useful Youth for Christ clips on a variety of themes:

Some of these are simply brilliant, great training for youth workers:

A couple of video clips on aging that you could use in a variety of ways 1-100 and  Baby to teenager

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