It is vital that when we work with young people we do so in a safe environment, protecting these precious and vulnerable young people from potential abuses of power, dangers and other hazards whilst in our care. It is also important to protect our leaders and teams of volunteers from being in situations where they are risking being in a position to abuse power or facing not being protected should they be falsely accused.

In Peterborough Diocese we take Safeguarding very seriously. Please follow this link to the Diocesan Website for all the policies, advice, toolkits and training opportunities.

For specific issues not dealt with there please contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer Garry directly:

Bev Huff

Diocesan Safeguarding Officer

The Diocesan Office, The Palace, Peterborough PE1 1YB

01733 887041 (direct line)

01733 887000 (switchboard)

Sam Suddery

Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

The Diocesan Office, The Palace, Peterborough PE1 1YB

01733 887041 (direct line)

01733 887027 (Sharon Welbourne, Safeguarding Assistant)

Other helpful Contacts can be found here

A Paper for Discussion Social Media and Youth Mission; the dangers and opportunities including Safeguarding issues was written in 2015 (before we began Online Worship in the Diocese) We are always working to make sure we and others work safely in this sphere; trying to keep up with changes and issues in this fast-moving world.

We now have a Social Media Safeguarding Policy 

Guidelines for Groups and Individuals engaged in Live Youth Worship Gatherings

  • Where a group are engaging in a Live Interactive Online Worship Event the leaders must gain written permission from parents for their under 18 year old to participate and for their image to potentially appear online on a public forum as part of interactions. (Model Parental Permission Form for Online Worship Youth Group session )
  • In a group setting, leaders should be encouraged to sign up to the social media platform on the group’s behalf, and/or create a profile for the group/church to keep the anonymity of the individual young people.
  • All under 13’s in the group can only participate via a leader. They should not be allowed to use their own mobile phone or gadget in this setting.
  • Records of interactions during or connected to the event should not be deleted, and especially any with under 18’s. Storing screen shots are advisable if private messages are exchanged with under 18’s.
  • Leaders are reminded that all of their social media interactions are potentially public and so discretion, professionalism and appropriateness in ALL their posting, interacting and commenting is advised. This applies whether leaders have separate profiles for their “church role” and “private life” or not, as lines can easily be blurred on social media and nothing is ever truly private. Maintain high standards and role model good, positive, encouraging and wholesome interactions at all times.
  • A risk assessment should be carried out to this group activity, as for any other special/different activity.

If you have any immediate questions or issues please get in touch with me directly on

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