We are continually in search of a selection of useful resources and ideas, of many kinds.

We all need new ideas to keep our youth and children’s work fresh, fun and engaging.idea

One persons old, tired, over-used game, activity, trip or worship idea maybe fresh and new to someone else, so we need to keep on sharing, recycling and generating new stuff as much as possible…

One of the most organic ways of doing that may be through our Facebook forum where you are free to ask specific questions of the group to hopefully help you where you are right now. There is a growing community of youth workers already in the group, with varying levels of experience in very different settings, please join and add your own unique perspective and gain the advice, ideas and in-put from the wider group.

There will of course be lots of links to other stuff that’s already out there. No need to re-invent the wheel, but hopefully we can be signposts for you, so that you can find what you need.

Click the linked text for session plans (and bibliography), prayer ideas, specific resources for bereavements, wellbeing, games, videos, residentials, other support agencies , discipleship links and many more ideas….

We have produced some of our own resources including Golden Ticket and the Grandparents Resource (being piloted, coming soon!). And we have run Online Worship Gatherings.

If you can’t find something you need – get in touch or ask the Facebook Forum!


Bouverie Court Resources

Don’t forget that we hold lots of borrow-able or use-able resources at our Diocesan Offices in Northampton:

Bouverie Court, The Lakes, Bedford Road, Northampton NN4 7YD

We have a library with a range of books and written resources for all ages.

Plus we have a store cupboard with a treasure trove of random items, collected over many years!20180531_135004



Thinking of planning a holiday club, after school club or Messy Church? – we have lots of craft and play materials…

Under 5’s? We have parachutes, play tunnels, puzzles, gorgeous professional puppets…20180531_125944

Thinking about doing an Outdoor event? Don’t forget our Firebowl and marshmallow toasting forks, but we also have big tarpaulins, stools, thermos flasks and all sorts of disposable kit like plates, glasses, water, napkins that you are welcome to use.


Looking to run prayer stations? We have cloths and drapes of every hue, gazillions of candles and pebbles, a wooden prayer tree, a laminated labyrinth and any number of useful items such as glass bowls, baskets, hammers and nails…!


Youth event? We have 2 huge bean bags, an XBox 360, various games

We also have projectors and screens available to borrow.


Listed below is a selection from our inventory…

General Creative Worship/Prayer Stations

Candles (including tea lights) candle holders LOADS

Various bowls/baskets

Cork pin boards

Lots and lots of cloths incl. Brand new organzas
Garden canes
Wooden sticks

Cardboard Cross full of tubes of rolled up coloured paper

Mirror tiles
Hammers and nails

Ceramic communion set
Wooden prayer tree
Laminated labyrinths
4x knitted Christmas posadas (nativity sets)

80 laminated Angel images
Assorted laminated images for worship.
Large selection of gift cards

2 big bean bags (red converse style)

Youth evangelism/mission listening card sets

Vocations board game (OUT)

X box

Tennis balls
Various balls
Fairy lights

Stationary and craft stuff – loads!

Wooden blank face shapes
Paints and brushes
Paint pots/mixers
Glue spreaders

Big A1/A0 (even bigger) plastic wallets

Etching kits

Printing kits – lots of rubber molds, stamps and ink pads with various seasonal images etc

Rolls and rolls of coloured paper/card various sizes. Some massive


Threading beads
Pipe cleaners

Hologram paper
Origami paper
Tissue paper
Lolly sticks
Staplers and staples
Masses of small plastic envelope size wallets
Zip wallets various sizes
Lots of plastic boxes with lids

Outdoor event

Fire Bowl, marshmallow toasting forks, bin bags, wipes, buckets, gloves etc

Paper plates
Disposable glasses and cups
2x wooden stools
2x padded square seats
Picnic blanket
Plastic cloths
Tarps x3

Thermos flasks
Cling film
Wash up liquid
Tin foil

Children’s games and activities

Bubbles – lots
Knight’s costume
Massive snakes and ladders
Laminated memory verses
2 parachutes (small/big)
Play dough
Play tunnels (OUT)
Inflatable Play house (OUT)

Wooden building game

Really good puppets
Puppet theatre
Big card backdrop
Ball pool balls in a frog shaped container

Globes (OUT)
Balloon pump
Stickle brick people
Magnetic Rods and balls game
Wooden face shapes

3 space hoppers

General communication kit
Projectors various
Screens various sizes
Magic white board
Empty Tool box and plastic boxes

Portable flip chart (OUT)
Wooden building set

Godly play kits


Water boiler
“Pink Angels” high vis jackets

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