Online Worship Gatherings

In this modern, digital age the Church must engage with online platforms where young people live, socialise and express themselves. So, as well as engaging on social media as a form of general communication, the Diocesan Youth Team we have been periodically holding Online Youth Worship Gatherings, via Twitter and sometimes Facebook.

The latest event is coming up – join us and let us run your group remotely for an hour. Enjoy seeing your group engaging digitally with their faith and with others from across the Diocese and see how the dynamics of your group may change.

Log into Twitter (create a church profile or use a Leader’s own profile), search for @pborodioyouth and Follow us to see what we post over the session. You can also search for #OWGYouth to follow everything that others say too, on the night and use the hashtag on all your responses

If you have any concerns or need answers to questions just get in touch



References and links

a short video on Youth for Christ Resources’ website and is a useful discussion starter, raising a number of important issues.

“Online Church? First Steps Towards Virtual Incarnation” Mark Howe Grove Booklets P112

Barnardos guide for policy makers on youth and the internet

Dr Bex Lewis from CODEC has written a book on Raising Children in a Digital Age

“Cyberbully” Channel 4 one-off drama on the dangers of social media (adult themes: aged 15+)

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre’s website for children, young people, parents, teachers and youth workers

CPPAS are the leading church safeguarding organisation and they have some recommendations for online safety and young people