Area Youth Gatherings


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Being part of something a bit bigger, but not too huge or far to travel to, can be a big encouragement to young people. If there are only a small number of teens at your church they can feel isolated and it’s harder to keep going in their faith.

So we have been experimenting with getting people together in local areas to have fun, meet other young Christians, worship together, eat together and share their traditions, experience and gifts and skills.

We have initiated new gatherings in Northampton, Wellingborough and South Northants, and support well-established gatherings such as those in Oundle and Peterborough.

We have a vision to enable growth and increase depth at your Parish level by challenging your young people in their youth groups, (or if there is no group to form one specially, or join forces with a neighbouring church) to contribute to the gathering in a meaningful way. That might be as hosts, or playing music, or it could be preparing a drama, or prayer activities or stations, running an icebreaker game or a confession activity. We want each young person and each church group, however big or small to feel that they have ownership and control over these gatherings. They are designed to be for young people, led by young people.

If you’d like to know more about your local gathering or would love to see one set up in your area, just get in touch with Becky in Northampton Archdeaconry or Chad in Oakham Archdeaconry

The next events coming up are:

8th Oct 2017 Northampton Celebrate! 7pm at St Giles Church, where young people from 5 different churches will be hosting and leading a service for all. With food before and afterwards, lively music, games, activities and a chance to meet others.


We are also running a series of Fire Church events across Northampton Archdeaconry, following a successful event last summer, and the investment in some exciting new kit for the Diocese – a Fire Pit and accessories, including marshmallow toasting forks!! (the kit is also available to borrow). Contact Becky for more info.

1st Oct 2017 6pm 3, White Delves, Wellingborough

15th Oct 2017 5pm St Michael’s Church Aynho

4th Nov 2017 6.30pm All Saints Church, Braunston

Fire Church Sparks Autumn 2017 draft layersFire Church 15th Oct 2017Fire Church Daventry Braunston Nov 2017